General Application

An ideal Fuel Cell based product for use as a soldier portable charger is the Military Grade JENNY 600S. It is ruggedized, lightweight, portable, and with long duration reliable energy supply. It is ideal for use in operations by the Special Forces, Long Range Patrols (LRP), Infantry including Commando Platoons and other special operations or by small isolated detachments operating on foot in highly rugged terrain that can be in High Altitude, Deserts, as well as densely forested areas etc. The soldier charger has a minimum sound and no detectable signature in the operational environment and its Operations are not weather-dependent. It is capable of charging different battery types fully automatically and simultaneously through a power manager. It is very easy to operate without extensive training and with minimal user attention. It is only 1.6Kgs in weight and can be clipped on to a belt after enclosing in a weather proof pouch. The 25 Watt JENNY 600S can function at peak power for more than 14 hours and does not need to stop in between- all of this using just 350 ml of fuel. 2.5 Liters of Fuel is adequate for no stop use over 5 days.

Additional Features

The JENNY 600S has the following additional features which make it extremely versatile and ideal for use in different conditions.

  • As a power supply source
  • As a battery charger
  • Can work in a network with the Power Manager
  • Can also work as a Hybrid Device with Solar Panel / Compact Hybrid Battery if required.


The JENNY 600S can charge radio sets, spare battery, night vision and computing devices carried by the soldiers in operations. This Intelligent and configurable power management solution establishes a mobile energy network that delivers a maximum of power and flexibility at a minimum of weight thereby greatly enhancing the Operational Mobility and Effectiveness of the soldiers.

The Benefits

  • Easy handling: The energy network is interoperable with all standards. New equipment can be integrated by exchanging a single cable.
  • Highly efficient and lightweight battery recharging device: Intelligent and configurable power management reduces the overall weight of the power system significantly while increasing the efficiency of the operation at the same time.
  • Enables energy harvesting from different sources: The SFC Power Manager 3G enables soldiers to make optimum use of available power sources in the field including batteries, vehicle power, solar and, of course, fuel cells.
  • Weight reduction up to 80 %: On a 72 hour mission, the weight burden of a soldier can be reduced by 80 % in comparison to only having batteries as a power supply. This has been proven in real life scenarios.

FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd is a Fuel Cell based Energy and Power Management solution provider for the Oil & Gas, Telecom and Defense & Security industries to run/ provide back up for their mission critical devices/equipment/ sensors especially in remote areas that have limited power or are located off the Grid.
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