Intelligent energy management systems

Energy Management System to Manage Multiple Power Sources

PCM 100

Priority Charge Manager

Priority Charge Manager (PCM) is an intelligent system that effectively manages multiple power sources based on pre-defined priorities within a hybrid energy network. It has built-in redundancies to ensure uninterrupted power supply. The PCM is capable of integrating various power sources such as grid power, DG sets, solar, wind, fuel cells, energy storage, and inverters to create a clean energy hybrid network. This can be achieved with minimal human intervention, forming a small micro grid. The PCM also features data logging and status display of all power sources, with the possibility of remote management as an add-on.

PCM 5000

Priority Charge Manager

PCM 5000, an intelligent energy manager created by FC TecNrgy, monitors and optimizes multiple power sources for a large utility or complex. During power outages, it automatically creates a microgrid with the islanding feature to provide backup power for critical loads for defined durations. It can integrate with Building Management Systems for smart energy management and helps in reducing energy bills while maintaining desired energy uptime, leading to improved ROI.


Communication and Energy Management Terminal

COMET is a cutting-edge Remote Energy Management Tool that has been innovatively conceptualized, designed, and developed to provide advanced power management capabilities over a network. This state-of-the-art tool enables precise control and management of a hybrid power solution that combines fuel cell, solar power, and an integrated battery. It continually monitors the power output from both the solar and fuel cell sources to ensure efficient charging of the battery and other similar loads.


Power Manager 3G

The Power Manager 3G (PM3G) is an exceptional, cutting-edge, and exceptionally intelligent Next-Generation Power Management and distribution hub designed specifically for off-grid Man Pack operations conducted by soldiers in all types of terrains and climatic conditions. It can detect and receive input power from multiple power sources automatically, combine them as necessary, and then redistribute and supply power to up to four output devices/batteries while automatically adjusting the required voltage and current.

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