Power Management

"Power Management" often refers to suites of equipment which permit the user to share diverse energy sources, powering often incompatible equipment and includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units. The Objectives of Power Management are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need. It is connected closely to environmental management, production management, logistics and other established business functions.

FC TecNrgy provides its clients to embed this feature of Power Management in all their Energy related solutions so as to obtain the required Power Rating using multiple energy sources such as Grid Power, Solar/ Hydel Power and Fuel Cells. The Power Management Solutions designed by FC TecNrgy cater to the load requirements keeping in mind the existing Power Sources and integrating the same with Fuel Cell Systems so as to achieve the best possible solution that is not only cost effective but also independent of any external factors like Climatic Conditions and unavailability of Grid Power etc.

Further these Energy Sources can be best utilized using a Power Manager for distribution of Power collectively generated by multiple sources to various equipment and energy storage devices. All such equipment and storage devices can be also listed as per the priority by which they need to be charged. Thus the Power or Energy generated at one location through various sources can be managed, monitored and distributed by using a Power Manager as per the user requirements.

Magma 1100

Multi Utility & Ruggedized Portable Power Bank for Field Use 

The FC TecNrgy Magma1100 is special Power Bank designed to meet multiple power requirements in field for the Military and Para Military Forces that can provide Energy to run Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Devices or basic power loads of small Military Camps. The Magma 1100 enables simultaneous use of multiple sensors, devices and utilities. It can be powered by a Fuel Cells, AC Mains or Solar. It is ruggedized and compact, weighing only 13.5 kgs and weather proof with an ability to operate in a harsh climatic conditions. Its key features are:

·         Lightweight for Portable/ Static Use
·         Ruggedized& Compact
·         Plug & Play Charging & Back-up Solution
·         Simultaneous Multi Charging
·         Highly Efficient 1.1 KWH Power Bank

FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd is a Fuel Cell based Energy and Power Management solution provider for the Oil & Gas, Telecom and Defense & Security industries to run/ provide back up for their mission critical devices/equipment/ sensors especially in remote areas that have limited power or are located off the Grid.
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