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The overall objective of any Research and Development is to innovate and develop contemporary products and services. The goal is to take these new products and services to market and enhance the company profile and bottom line.

We at FC TecNrgy aim at understanding each Power Requirement individually and developing an optimized solution to meet the specific requirement.

As We FC TecNrgy continued evolving as an alternate energy enterprise, the massive potential of sustainable green energy management was increasingly evident and it became imperative to put in dedicated manpower, effort and tools into our in house R&D. This effort over the last three years has led to the development of some very exciting in house products and systems. We have already filed some patents and more are in the pipeline.

We have gradually kept investing in hiring skilled resources, machinery and tools. Our R&D team had successfully tested and validated our fuel cell based solutions and in house developed alternate energy products in high altitude areas, extreme cold as well as hot climates, deserts and coastal areas in the hinterland of North, North East, Western India and our island territories.

R&D Focus

Customised Solutions for Extreme Climates and Weather

Any technology can be best put to use only through customization and further development on case to case basis. Fuel Cell Systems have found wider applications due to the versatility that has been achieved by continuous research and development on the existing systems. Fuel Cells rarely work in a standalone mode and are mostly part of a solution and are primarily used as backup power. In spite of the versatility and high reliability of these solutions, they need special modification and protection while being used in extreme weather and climatic conditions. We have developed special high performance cabinets that house most of the solution to include Fuel Cells, the Electronics, Batteries, Invertors etc that allow our solutions to be used effectively in such extreme conditions. Some of these products are listed under our indigenous category like the Modular Fuel Cell Generator called “All in One Energy Box”

Ruggedized Multi Utility Power Banks

The Power Requirement of each application in every industry vertical vary extensively and to meet these varying requirement, our series of ruggedized multi utility power banks “MAGMA 1100 and MAGMA 2200′ were developed. These highly versatile products give AC and multiple DC outputs, function as an UPS as well as invertor and can be charged by two different sources at the same time including Grid/Solar/Fuel Cell. They can withstand extreme conditions and have are increasingly popular with our customers.

Remote Energy Management System

Many of our energy solutions are deployed in remote areas and at places used for long durations (3 -14 days or more) without any physical user intervention. Based on user feedback we have developed and deployed remote management terminals along with our Fuel Cells Solutions including Batteries and Solar panels.

Intelligent Energy Management Systems

Our in-house designed and developed Intelligent Energy Management systems are amongst the most advanced ones available today that seamlessly manage diverse energy sources on a single integrated platform. These IoT-based systems allow our users to take advantage of the decentralized landscape and benefit from new opportunities leading to reduced costs of energy bills, a very high inbuilt redundancy, and top safety standards. These scalable systems provide energy analytics, performance monitoring, remote monitoring and control, and also options for intelligent and automatic, logic defined selection of energy sources.

Customised EMS for BESS

Energy Storage is a rapidly evolving market in view of extremely high generation of Energy from sustainable sources. We are currently designing an Energy Management System (EMS) that can control large Energy Storage Solutions