Fuel Cell Solutions

Fuel Cell Systems are environment friendly, silent and weather independent power generators with plug and play features. Fuel Cell find applications in various industry verticals like Defense and Homeland Security, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication etc. Due to their ability to provide high energy density with lower fuel consumption they are rapidly replacing conventional Gen-sets at remote and off-grid areas.

Defense & Homeland Security

Fuel Cell Systems bring in major weight reduction and provide non-fluctuating, un-interrupted uniform power making them the best option to power mission critical equipment in the defense sector for both mobile and stationary applications. Military generators currently being used for recharging the batteries, are very heavy and are detectable due to their noise and generated heat. A generator consumes up to one liter diesel per hour, resulting in an essential requirement for fuel that must be carried along or logistically provided, limiting mobility. Solar panels are often inconvenient and, as sole energy supply, weather dependant and unreliable. If the idling engine is used for recharging the batteries, various engine and gear box parts will be subject to extreme stress and wear from the idle mode – mostly in cold stand. That causes higher maintenance efforts and costs. Some of the areas in the defence where fuel cells have extremely useful & beneficial applications are

  • Powering the Smart / virtual Fence
  • Powering borders / perimeter Fence Lighting
  • Un-manned Vehicle Battery Charging
  • Powering multiple stationary devices and amenities at small and remote localities
  • Customized and hybrid energy solutions for Telecom and Optronics devices

Powering Small Villages 

The ability of Fuel Cells to work in tandem with other existing sources of energy, both renewable and non-renewable make these systems even more versatile and suitable for the sectors which require off-grid uninterrupted power supply. Here Fuel Cells are the best option to provide back-up power in the absence of Grid Power. Once installed all that is needed is a fuel cartridge exchange which can be estimated and pre-planned. The fuel cell can be remotely controlled, making extra trips to the site unnecessary.

Small villages or remote sites can be powered using Fuel Cell Systems by creating a micro or mini grid. Also BTS and repeater stations which require continuous power supply for 24 x 7, 365 days operation can be provided reliable back-up power using Fuel Cell Systems. The Oil and Gas Industry is benefitting hugely from the Fuel Cell Systems due the remoteness of the oil extraction stations and pipelines.

  • Micro-grid for powering small villages/ hamlets/ Defence & Security Outposts.
  • Power for Base transceiver stations (BTS) and Repeater Stations in Telecommunication Industry
  • Power for Oil & Gas Exploration Sites including unmanned sites, Electrical Chemical Injection Pumps, SCADA Systems and Surveillance along the Pipelines. 

To sum up we can say Fuel Cells assure 100% reliable operation in remote locations, harsh climate conditions and cold environments. Lengthen service intervals as much as possible and cut the cost of fuel as well as the environmental impact caused by the Conventional Gen-Sets.

FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd is a Fuel Cell based Energy and Power Management solution provider for the Oil & Gas, Telecom and Defense & Security industries to run/ provide back up for their mission critical devices/equipment/ sensors especially in remote areas that have limited power or are located off the Grid.
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