Communication and Energy Management Terminal


Communication and Energy Management Terminal

Cutting-edge Remote Monitoring and Power Management System

COMET is an indigenously conceptualized, designed and developed Remote Energy Management Tool that provides remote management facility over a Network. It allows for control and management of a hybrid power solution based on Fuel Cell, Solar power and integrated battery along with it. It manages the power from Solar and Fuel Cell automatically to charge the battery and other similar loads. The COMET enabled GUI over any Network allows monitoring and controlling of the system from any location With the COMET, users can easily keep track of the technical data of their fuel cells and peripheral devices, and adjust their settings as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.


Remote Monitoring and Control

COMET enables remote monitoring and control of fuel cells and peripheral devices. It allows users to access and manage the power and data of connected devices from a centralized location, providing convenience and flexibility.


COMET has the capability to integrate up to four devices simultaneously, providing flexibility to expand the monitoring system as needed. This feature ensures compatibility with a range of fuel cells and peripheral devices.

Optimize Performance and Efficiency

With COMET, users can adjust settings and parameters to optimize the performance and efficiency of the connected devices. Fine-tuning the system parameters can lead to improved energy efficiency and overall system performance.

Centralized Management

By centralizing the monitoring and control of multiple devices, COMET simplifies the management of fuel cells and peripheral devices. It provides a unified platform for monitoring and ensures efficient operation.

Compatibility and Integration

COMET is designed to integrate seamlessly with various fuel cell systems and peripheral devices. It ensures compatibility with different manufacturers and models, allowing for a flexible and versatile monitoring solution.

Energy Network

Communication and Energy Management Terminal​

Technical Details
Power Consumption
Input Voltage Range
Solar Input Range
No of Serial Port
No of Ethernet Port
Operational Temperature
Max Current Carrying Capacity
Comet – 15A
8V – 36V DC
17V – 60V
-40°C to +60°C
5.75 kg
Comet – 30 A
8V – 36V
34 – 150V
-40°C to +60°C
7.50 kg


Most frequent questions and answers

The COMET is compatible with a wide range of fuel cells and peripheral devices. Contact us for more information on specific compatibility

The COMET is designed to be easy to install and integrate with a variety of fuel cell systems and peripheral devices. Our team can provide guidance and support throughout the installation and integration process.

Yes, the COMET offers advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities, allowing you to monitor and manage your fuel cell system from anywhere with an internet connection.