Off-Grid, Back up and On-board Power


Off-Grid, Back up and On-board Power

Solution for Mobile as well as Stationary Applications

EFOY Pro 2400 is an automatic and intelligent Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) that can charge batteries automatically and monitor their charging state constantly. It is an ideal solution for mobile as well as stationary applications. Depending on requirement, the Fuel Cell switches on automatically, recharges the battery without any user intervention.
Ideal for mobile as well as stationary applications. Back Up Power for wireless Radio links, Broadband and Outdoor Wi-Fi Hubs. Back Up Power for CCTV Surveillance and Traffic Management. Powers Oil & Gas Pipelines sensors, Scada Systems and Communication Links.


Automatic and Intelligent Operation

The EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO is equipped with automatic and intelligent features, allowing it to charge batteries automatically and continuously monitor their charging state. This ensures optimal battery performance and eliminates the need for user intervention.

Need-Based Charging

The fuel cell intelligently adapts its charging behavior based on the power requirements of the connected devices. It provides the right amount of power when needed, optimizing energy usage and extending battery life.

Silent Operation

The EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO operates silently, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Its quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance in applications such as surveillance, traffic management, and outdoor Wi-Fi hubs.

Negligible Maintenance

This fuel cell system requires minimal maintenance, saving time and resources. It eliminates the need for frequent refueling and reduces downtime, ensuring continuous power supply without interruptions.

Lightweight and Compact

The EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO is designed to be lightweight and compact, offering easy installation and portability. Its compact size makes it suitable for various mobile and stationary applications, providing power where it is needed.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

The fuel cell system can be remotely monitored and controlled, allowing for convenient management and troubleshooting. This feature enhances operational efficiency and enables proactive maintenance and support.

Energy Network


Technical Details
Charging Power
Nominal Power
Voltage Range
Charging Current
Operational Temperature
Fuel Consumption
EFOY Pro Series 2400 DUO
2400 Wh
110 W
12V/24V DC
9.17/4.58 Amps
-20°C to +50°C


Most frequent questions and answers

The EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO is an automatic and intelligent fuel cell system that utilizes Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) technology. It converts methanol fuel into electricity to charge connected batteries and power devices.

Yes, the EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO has remote monitoring capabilities. It can be monitored and controlled remotely, allowing for convenient management, status updates, and troubleshooting.

Yes, the EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO operates silently, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as surveillance and outdoor Wi-Fi hubs.

The EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO requires minimal maintenance. It has a long service life and does not have any moving parts, resulting in low maintenance requirements and reduced downtime.

The EFOY ProSeries 2400 DUO is suitable for various applications including back-up power for wireless radio links, broadband, outdoor Wi-Fi hubs, CCTV surveillance, traffic management, and powering oil & gas pipelines sensors, SCADA systems, and communication links.