Energy Management Solutions

FC TecNrgy has rapidly emerged over the last few years as a provider of Green Energy/ Low Carbon footprint Energy systems. We started by providing Fuel Cell systems, followed by integrated Energy Solutions that included Solar, Wind, Battery Storage, Invertors/UPS systems etc. in customised configurations.
This made us realize the need for Tech platform-based Energy Management Systems ( EMS) that have the capability to integrate diverse energy sources and intelligently provide need-based power as needed by the customer. Over the last three years, we have designed, developed, tested, and fielded our in-house EMS for different customers.
Our PCM Series (Intelligent Energy Management) is a key tool that helps in reducing energy bills, improved ROI and maintain uptime.

Why Choose EMS?

Demand response capabilities

Enhanced Efficiency

Improved reliability and resilience

Integration of renewable energy

Energy Network


Most frequent questions and answers

Hydrogen technology has the potential to replace fossil fuels in certain applications and sectors. It offers a clean and sustainable alternative, particularly in areas where electrification or other renewable energy solutions may not be feasible or sufficient.