Intelligent Power Management for Manpack Energy Solution


Intelligent Power Management for Manpack Energy Solution

Advanced man-portable power solutions for military and defense applications

The Power Manager 3G (PM3G) is a unique, state of the art and a highly intelligent NextGen power management and distribution hub especially made for off grid Man Pack Operations by soldiers in all types of terrain and climatic conditions. The PM3G will form the heart of a Manpack energy solution.
PM3G can automatically sense and take input power from more than one power source, combine it if needed and further re-distributed and supply power for up to four output devices/batteries by automatically adjusting the required voltage and current.


Off-Grid Power Management

PM3G is specifically designed for off-grid operations, providing advanced power management capabilities. It ensures efficient distribution of power from multiple sources to meet the energy demands of the system.

Multi-Source Integration

PM3G can combine multiple power sources, such as solar panels, fuel cells, generators, and batteries, to maximize efficiency and reliability. This feature allows for optimal utilization of available energy resources.

Voltage and Current Optimization

The system automatically adjusts voltage and current levels based on the connected devices’ requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. This feature helps prevent overloading or underutilization of power sources.

Lightweight and Compact Design

The PM3G system is designed to be lightweight and compact, allowing for easy portability and convenience. It can be easily transported and installed in various off-grid locations.

Intelligent Power Management

PM3G incorporates intelligent power management algorithms to optimize the utilization of available energy sources. It dynamically manages power distribution and load balancing to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

Fault Detection and Protection

The system includes built-in fault detection and protection mechanisms to safeguard the connected devices and power sources. It can detect anomalies, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, or short circuits, and take necessary actions to prevent damage.

Energy Network

Power Manager 3G

Technical Details
No of Ports

Voltage Range
Current Range
Power Range
Operational Temperature
Jenny 600S
2 High Power (Bi-Directional Ports)
2 Power harvesting (Bi-Directional Ports))
2 Power outputs (Unidirectional Ports)
8-33V DC (Auto self-adjusting)
65W/ 430W
-32 C to +55 C


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the PM3G can work with various power sources, including fuel cells, solar panels, and batteries.

The PM3G can power up to four output devices or batteries simultaneously.

Yes, the PM3G can automatically adjust voltage and current to ensure optimal performance for connected devices and batteries.