Man Portable Fuel Cell

Jenny 600s & 1200

Jenny 600S & Jenny 1200

Man Portable Fuel Cell

Advanced man-portable power solutions for military and defense applications

Power on the move/while on silent watch mission is critically essential. Such on-foot missions can last from 2 to 15 days necessitating large number of spare batteries and charging cables to be carried. This affects the mission endurance and operational effectiveness of the Soldiers. The Military Grade JENNY 600S & 1200 Man- Portable Fuel Cell is a Next Gen and Contemporary Power source ideal for on the move Energy generation. It is a marvel of miniaturization that is extremely compact, rugged for sustained rough use and yet it produces high energy density while consuming very limited fuel. It can charge multiple device(s)/batteries simultaneously as part of an Intelligent Man-Portable Energy Network.
Artillery Observation Posts (Arty Ops) need a suitable source for powering their fire direction devices, Laser Range Finders, GPS, Radio Sets etc. a Power Source that can take care of all this simultaneously. Similarly Special Forces carry special equipment like Man Portable VSAT Terminals etc. which need higher power for their mission endurance and operational effectiveness.


Compact and Portable

The Jenny 600S and Jenny 1200 fuel cells are designed to be compact and portable, providing a reliable power source for on-the-go energy generation in military operations.

Rugged and Durable

Built to withstand demanding military environments, both fuel cells are highly rugged and durable, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

High Energy Density

Despite their small sizes, the Jenny 600S and Jenny 1200 fuel cells offer high energy density, delivering ample power to charge multiple devices and batteries simultaneously.

Low Fuel Consumption

These fuel cells are designed to be highly efficient, consuming minimal fuel while generating a substantial amount of power. This helps to extend operational time and reduce the need for frequent refueling.

Versatile Application

The Jenny 600S and Jenny 1200 fuel cells can be used for a wide range of applications in military operations, providing power for devices, equipment, and communication systems.

Cost-Effective Solution

Both fuel cells offer a cost-effective power solution with their efficient operation and minimal fuel consumption. This helps to optimize operational costs and reduce logistical challenges.

Energy Network

Man Portable Fuel Cell

Technical Details
Charging Power
Nominal Power
Voltage Range
Charging Current
Operational Temperature
Fuel Consumption
Solution Charging Capability
Jenny 600S
600 Wh
25 W
10-30 V DC (self-adjusting)
2.08A@ 12V/1.04A@24V
-32°C to +55°C
1.7 Kg
3-4 batteries/devices
12 to 14 Hrs with 350 ml
Jenny 1200
1200 Wh
50 W
10-30 V DC (self-adjusting)
-20°C to +49°C
3.3 Kg
3-4 batteries/devices
Over 50 hrs with 2.5 litre cartridge


Most frequent questions and answers

These fuel cells use a chemical reaction between methanol and oxygen to generate electricity. The fuel cells convert the chemical energy from methanol into electrical energy, providing a reliable power source.

Yes, these fuel cells are designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, including extreme hot and cold conditions. They are built to withstand the demands of military environments.

The power duration depends on the specific application and power requirements. However, these fuel cells offer extended operating times and can be refueled as needed for continuous power supply.

Yes, both fuel cells are designed to be compact and portable, making them easy to transport in military operations. They are lightweight and can be carried by individuals or integrated into mobile units.

These fuel cells have minimal maintenance requirements. Regular inspections, periodic cleaning, and ensuring proper fuel supply are typically sufficient to maintain their performance.