High-efficiency Power Generation

Fuel Cartridges are specially designed to power fuel cells, offering maximum energy in the smallest space. These cartridges contain methanol fuel and provide autonomous power for off-grid applications. With different capacities available, Fuel Cartridges ensure extended operating time and increased autonomy for a variety of energy needs. These cartridges are globally available and adhere to strict safety standards, making them a reliable and convenient solution for powering your off-grid systems.


High Energy Density

Fuel Cartridges offer a remarkable amount of energy in a compact size. With the high energy density of methanol, these cartridges provide efficient and long-lasting power for your off-grid applications.

Multiple Capacities

Fuel Cartridges are available in different capacities, including 0.35, 2.5, 5, 10, 28, and 60 liters. This allows you to choose the right cartridge size based on your specific energy requirements.

Global Availability

We have established a comprehensive logistics network to ensure worldwide availability of fuel cartridges. No matter where your off-grid operations are located, you can rely on the accessibility of Fuel Cartridges.


Fuel Cartridges meet stringent safety standards and have received UN approval for transportation by sea, road, and air. The inclusion of safety valves guarantees user safety by preventing contact with the cartridge contents.

Robust Design

Fuel Cartridges are built to withstand tough application areas. The cartridges, including the M0.35 Desert version, are designed to function reliably even in high temperatures up to +55°C. This robustness ensures consistent power supply in challenging environments.

High-efficiency Power Generation

Technical Details
Fuel Cartridges
Nominal capacity
Dimensions L x W x H
Self-sufficiency @50 W
Compatible fuel cells
M0.35 Regular
350 ml
371 g
350 Wh
165 x 60 x 60 mm
@ 25 W 14 hours
10 l
8.4 kg
11.1 kWh
230 x 193 x 318 mm
222 hours
28 l
23.4 kg
31.1 kWh
370 x 285 x 395 mm
622 hours


Most frequent questions and answers

Fuel Cartridges are filled with methanol, which serves as the fuel for powering the fuel cells.

At just 8.4 kg, a 10-liter SFC fuel cartridge boasts an energy content of 11.1 kWh. To deliver the same amount of energy, around 280 kg of lead-gel batteries would be needed.

Yes, Fuel Cartridges, including the M0.35 Desert version, are designed to function reliably in high temperatures up to +55°C. They are well-suited for use in demanding and extreme conditions.