Mil Grade Products

Military Grade Fuel Cells for Defence Applications

JENNY 600S & 1200

Man-portable Power Solution

We specialize in providing advanced man-portable power solutions for military and defense applications. Our MIL Grade Fuel Cells, including the Jenny 600S and JENNY 1200, are designed to meet the demanding energy needs of military personnel on the move. With their compact size, rugged construction, and exceptional performance, our fuel cells are the ideal choice for on-the-go energy generation in challenging environments.

With our manportable power solutions, military personnel can rely on efficient and compact fuel cells to meet their energy needs while on the move. Whether it’s powering communication devices, charging batteries, or running critical equipment, our MIL Grade Fuel Cells deliver reliable power in the most demanding environments.

Emily 3000

Fuel Cell Generator

The EMILY 3000 is a rugged and compact fuel cell power generator specifically designed for military applications in all-terrain and all-weather conditions. This versatile generator offers reliable and efficient power for a wide range of devices and systems used by military personnel. The fuel cell generator provides a reliable and compact power solution for military applications. Its rugged design, versatility, and efficient performance make it an ideal choice for powering critical devices and systems in challenging environments.

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