Multi Utility Power Banks

Innovative Power Storage and Supply System

Magma 1100 & 1200

Ruggedized Power Bank for Power Storage and Supply

MAGMA 1100 & 1200 are an innovative power storage and supply systems designed and developed in-house to meet various power requirements of the military and paramilitary forces. These compact and ruggedized system can power communication, navigation, surveillance devices, small camps, and vehicles. They enable the simultaneous use of multiple sensors, devices, and utilities. The power bank can be charged by a fuel cell, AC mains, or solar, making it a reliable and versatile solution for sustainable energy management. With the ability to operate at extreme temperatures, this system ensures uninterrupted power supply even in harsh environments. With the power bank, the military and paramilitary forces can enhance their operational efficiency and reduce their reliance on conventional power sources.

MODULAR Generator

Power Supply Solution

Modular Generator is a highly efficient and cost-effective power supply solution for small military camps and detachments located in remote, high altitude, or glaciated areas. With its modular design and use of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC), it can cater to the basic power needs of a camp housing 8 to 10 soldiers for 4 to 5 days using just 10 liters of fuel at a time. This results in significant savings in fuel and logistics, while ensuring a high degree of reliability and ease of transportation.

Battery for on-the-go and tactical communication needs

The Smart Batteries are a specially designed solution for on-the-go and tactical communication needs, providing a small energy network that is rugged, compact, and lightweight. These batteries are weather-proof and can operate in harsh climatic conditions. They are customized to optimize power consumption for the specific solution, ensuring maximum efficiency.

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