Fuel Cell based Modular Generator for High Altitude Area


Fuel Cell based Modular Generator for High Altitude Area

Off-Grid Modular Generator for Extreme Cold/Remote Locations

The All in One Energy Box (also called the Modular Generator) is an Indigenously designed and developed a Power source that harnesses the versatility of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC). It is an ideal power supply / back-up solution for Remote/ High Altitude/ Glaciated Areas. The All in One Energy Box has proved to be an epitome of reliability for most off-grid needs. The Ruggedization ensured top performance for operational requirements.
Ideal for powering small posts/campus communication systems Capable of charging Telephone Exchange, Battery, Thermal Imager, 5-6 LED Bulbs, TV, or similar loads


Off-Grid Power Solution

It serves as an off-grid power solution, enabling power generation in remote and extreme cold locations where traditional grid infrastructure may be unavailable or unreliable.

Fuel Efficiency

The modular generator offers significant fuel savings, consuming 10-15 times less fuel compared to conventional generators. This fuel efficiency ensures cost-effectiveness and longer operation times.

Extended Runtime

With only 1 liter of fuel, the generator can provide 10 hours of continuous peak power, ensuring sustained operation even in challenging conditions.

Silent Operation

The generator operates silently, minimizing noise pollution in sensitive areas and maintaining a peaceful environment.

Low Maintenance

It requires negligible maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This feature enhances its reliability and suitability for remote and high altitude applications.

Easy Operation

The generator is designed for ease of use, allowing for straightforward setup and operation, even in harsh environments.

Energy Network

Off-Grid Modular Generator

Technical Details
Energy Capacity
Start up to Peak Power
Voltage Range
Operational Temperature
Fuel Consumption
Solution Charging Capability
Modular Generator
2200 to 2400 Wh
< 10 mins
12V / 24 V DC and 220 V AC
99.95% Pure Methanol
-30°C to +50°C
< 45 KG
8-10 hours/Litre
8-10 Hrs a day for for 4 days or more with 10L of Fuel


Most frequent questions and answers

The modular generator is powered by a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) technology, utilizing methanol as the fuel source.

The generator offers 10-15 times fuel savings compared to conventional generators, making it highly fuel-efficient.

Yes, the generator operates silently, ensuring minimal noise disturbance in high altitude and remote areas.

With just 1 liter of fuel, the modular generator can provide 10 hours of continuous peak power.

Yes, the generator is equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to monitor its performance and status from a remote location. This feature enables efficient management and troubleshooting.