Off-Grid, Back up and Stationary Power

EFOY Pro 12000
EFOY PRO 12000​

Off-Grid, Back up and Stationary Power​

Power Solution for Off-Grid Locations

The EFOY Pro 12000 is a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) designed to power a variety of applications like mobile towers, remote off grid locations and stationary applications. It can be easily transported because of its convenient form thereby proving itself to be the ideal choice foremost portable and static roles with medium power requirements, especially in hybrid solutions with Solar and or Wind Energy Sources

Hybrid Microgrids Power Solution- EFOY Pro 12000 Fuel Cells, Solar panels, Li-ion batteries and Intelligent Power Management module 4x M28 fuel cartridges per microgrid; autonomy without user intervention of approx. 30 days; 4-6 liters methanol consumption per day


High Reliability

The EFOY Pro 12000 offers reliable power generation for off-grid and stationary applications, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.

Intelligent and Need-based Power Generation

The fuel cell system intelligently adjusts power generation based on the energy requirements of connected devices, optimizing energy usage and extending runtime.

Low Maintenance

With minimal maintenance requirements, the EFOY Pro 12000 offers hassle-free operation, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Inbuilt Redundancy

The system incorporates built-in redundancy to ensure uninterrupted power supply even in case of component failure or unexpected events.

Option of Remote Monitoring

The system can be remotely monitored, allowing for convenient management, status updates, and troubleshooting.

Microgrid Solutions

The EFOY Pro 12000 is suitable for hybrid microgrid power solutions, integrating with solar panels, Li-ion batteries, and an intelligent power management module to create an efficient and sustainable energy network.

Energy Network

Technical Details
Charging Power
Nominal Power
Voltage Range
Charging Current
Operational Temperature
Fuel Consumption
EFOY PRO 12000​
500 W
500 W
10.42 Amps @48V DC / 20.83 Amps @24V DC
-20°C to +50°C
32 kg
0.46 L/hr


Most frequent questions and answers

The EFOY Pro 12000 utilizes DMFC technology to convert methanol fuel into electricity, providing a reliable power source for connected devices.

Yes, the EFOY Pro 12000 is designed for both mobile and stationary applications, making it versatile for various power needs.

The EFOY Pro 12000 has low maintenance requirements, ensuring smooth operation and reducing maintenance costs.

The EFOY Pro 12000 is ideal for powering mobile towers, remote off-grid locations, and various stationary applications, providing reliable and sustainable power in diverse settings.

Yes, the EFOY Pro 12000 operates on clean and non-polluting DMFC technology, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener energy solution.