• Hybrid Green Energy Solution
  • Hybrid Green Energy Solution

Sustainable development is the primary goal of all countries and organizations currently. Cutting on carbon emissions is the most important part of sustainable development. Green energy generation encompasses energy production from renewable sources like Solar, Wind, Hydrogen etc. and this is able to fulfil our needs of energy while minimizing carbon footprints. Although these ways of producing energy are proving to be valuable, there are practical difficulties that hinder deployment of these solution in every situation.

Energy management of buildings is all about making the right decisions with smart choices. Today, energy management of buildings has become critical to meet the increasing power demand and reduce the stress on the non-renewable sources of energy. Solar works only during the day, Wind energy production depends on wind cycles, hydrogen fuel cells have logistic challenges and low outputs, etc. These are just a few issues with each of the solutions.

A complete solution provides electrical energy all times of the day. This is where hybrid green energy solution comes into the picture. A hybrid green energy solution comprises of two or more of the green energy solutions working in tandem to provide a complete solution. The solution generally includes an energy storage system in the form of batteries which provide support to the system in managing loads.

  • Benefits:
  • imageIt helps in reduction of electricity bill
  • imageIt reduces energy requirement & power wastage
  • imageIt helps in reducing the environmental pollution
  • imageIt helps in achieving sustainable goals
  • imageIt helps in reducing operational cost of the building