• Micro Grids
  • Micro Grids

Establishment of Micro Grids A Micro grid refers to a group of interconnected loads, distributed energy resources (DERs), and energy storage systems (ESS), which acts as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid. Micro grids connect to the main grid through one or more nodes, namely the points of common coupling (PCC). Depending on the grid availability among other conditions, a micro grid must be able to operate in either grid-connected or islanded mode. In certain micro grids, the main grid may just function as a back-up since most of the electricity is generated onsite using sustainable sources. Micro grids can also be set up for small off grid sites.

Over the last three years, we have gradually scaled up our capability in designing, engineering, sourcing, installing, integrating and running micro grids in remote off grid locations and at sites with an unreliable grid. We have also installed micro grids for large corporates and a complex of industrial sites to make these buildings Net Zero or with very low carbon footprint with various design options like islanding mode, etc.

FC TecNrgy has successfully installed & implemented more than 30 Micro grids for our customers at various locations. Some of the major components of the Micro Grid solutions include the following:

  • imageSolar Plant (AC/ DC Coupled) with an option for Wind based system as well.
  • imageBESS (Battery Energy Storage System).
  • imageFuel Cells for Critical Back up Power.
  • imageIntelligent Energy Management System.
  • imageInvertors, UPS Systems and other accessories.
  • imageIntegration with Grid and DG Sets as applicable/ required.
  • Applications:
  • imageSmall Villages in remote/ off grid areas.
  • imageSmall Military/Police/ Para Military Force Camps in remote locations.
  • imageData Centres and Integrated Control Rooms.
  • imageLarge Industrial/ Corporate/Govt Complexes.
For further details on Sustainable Micro grids, please get in touch with our team or write to us and we shall be happy to assist you.