• Mobile Surveillance
  • Mobile Surveillance

FC TecNrgy has developed a number of Mobile Surveillance Solutions including an Emergency Response Surveillance System for the Police/ Disaster Management authorities. These are powered by our Fuel Cells.

Our Emergency Response System for the Police/ Disaster Management/ Smart City authorities comprises of a compact solution where the components are stored in boxes and can be transported in quick time to any location and be installed and made operational within 30 to 45 mins. These solutions comprise of:

  • image4 – 5 Day as well as Night CCTV Cameras.
  • imageWireless Link to connect with the nearest wireless / cellular tower.
  • imageL2 Switch, Router and UPS System.
  • imageA modular mast that can be raised to a height from 3 to 10 meters.
  • imageDirect Methanol Fuel Cell with Fuel.

A mobile rapid transportable Digital Mobile Radio Base Station or a Man portable/ Vehicle based TETRA System that can be mounted on a vehicle as part of a convoy of vehicles on a disaster duty, or as part of VIP protection and for a small event in an area where local communications cannot depended / relied upon. These communication systems are secure, can link up with other networks, and are powered by Fuel Cells to ensure long endurance.