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Fuel Cells are an ideal backup power source for the Oil and Gas industry and help to comply with stringent norms of a constant uptime. Our Fuel Cells are ideal for a number of mission-critical Oil & Gas industry systems like Pipeline Sensors, Pipeline Surveillance Cameras, Pipeline Communication Systems running along remote areas, SCADA systems and Fuel injection pumps to name a few. Critical infrastructures such as pipelines are often subject to vandalism and theft. In order to position CCTV systems at places where observation is needed, an essential requirement exists for reliable off-grid power, especially in off-grid locations. This can result in high cost of grid connection, high administrative effort, and long-term planning. Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs) are ideal for such solutions in a Hybrid Mode with Solar to provide reliable off-grid electrical power.

SCADA communication and control equipment allows monitoring and control of production e.g. flow rates, liquid levels, valve operation, etc and the power demand is very low ranging from 5 to 20 Watts or 500 odd Watts/day. With our DMFC Fuel Cells we can build in a backup that can last from 8 to 16 weeks in one go.

  • Benefits : Back Up Power for Oil & Gas Surveillance Systems
  • image100 % Autonomous & Reliable Power Source
  • imageProvide sufficient power around the clock, especially in wintertime, with low solar intensity and low temperatures.
  • imagePrevent low-power events that may cause equipment to shut down and in turn lose production, and may require a repair team to travel to site to restart and reconfigure control software parameters.
  • imageOur EFOY Pro Fuel Cells can produce electricity in any weather, climate or season which will prevent loss of production and thus save valuable costs.
  • imageEconomical and almost zero greenhouse gas duties – The oil and gas industry now wants to reduce CO emission, cut costs and increase efficiency. Since the EFOY Pro produces no harmful emissions whatsoever, it is suitable for operating oil & gas equipment.