• Small Static Power Solutions with Fuel Cells
  • Small Static Power Solutions with Fuel Cells

There are multiple applications and solutions for the Military and Para Military Forces based on DMFC Fuel Cells in a static Role. These solutions have the Fuel Cells as the backup source as a stand-alone solution or as a primary source in a Hybrid mode along with Solar/ Wind. Some of these solutions designed and customized by us are:-

(a) Hybrid Power Solution with Extended Endurance for Long Range Surveillance Systems.

(b) Hybrid Power Solution for portable Air Force Radars.

(c) Hybrid Power Solution for Small Military Outposts (8 to 10 men).

(d) Power Source for Battery Charging at Gun Positions.

(e) Hybrid Power Solution for Mobile Communication Interception Systems

(f) As a battery charging source for small Drones.