• Soldier Portable Power
  • Soldier Portable Power

Soldiers operating on foot have to carry multiple electronic devices like Radio Sets, Night Vision, GPS, Thermal Imagers, Target designators etc., in order to maximise their combat effectiveness. Depending upon the type of mission and its duration, soldiers need to carry a large number of spare batteries and an array of cables and charging docks for charging these devices. Our Military Grade Man Portable Fuel Cells are ideal for on the move Energy generation and simultaneous intelligent charging of multiple batteries. It is ideal for use in operations by the Special Forces, Long Range Patrols (LRP), Infantry Commando Platoons, Mobile Air Force Operation Posts, for small isolated detachments operating on foot in highly rugged terrain that can be in high altitude, deserts, as well as densely forested areas etc.

This military Grade Man-portable Fuel cell is the smallest power source ideal for on the move energy generation. It is a marvel of miniaturization and is extremely rugged for sustained rough use and yet it produces high energy density while consuming very limited fuel. It can charge multiple device(s)/ batteries simultaneously as part of an Intelligent Man-portable Energy Network. This Intelligent and configurable power management solution establishes a mobile energy network that delivers maximum of power and flexibility at a minimum of weight thereby greatly enhancing the Operational Mobility and Effectiveness of the Soldiers.

  • Key Features:
  • imageSilent operation without detectable signatures
  • imageCompact and light weight
  • imageSpace saving and up to 80% weight reduction
  • imageCan provide over 50 hours of nonstop peak power with a 2.5 litre fuel cartridge
  • imageEasy to operate without extensive training
  • imageAll weather & all terrain operational capability
  • imageCan charge different types of batteries automatically
  • imageIn combination with Power Manager 3G, it can charge several devices simultaneously
  • imageRuggedized for Military Use and deployed in field environments globally
  • imageExtensively tested & trial evaluated in Indian conditions (deserts to high altitude & sub-zero temps)
Environmental Friendly

Fuel Cell Systems are environment friendly, silent and weather independent power generators with plug and play features. Due to their ability to provide high energy density with lower fuel consumption they have the potential to replace conventional energy sources in use by the Military.