• Vehicle Mounted Fuel Cells for the Military
  • Vehicle Mounted Fuel Cells for the Military

On-board devices such as sensors, communication systems and weapon systems require continuous power supply. For reliable functioning of on-board devices in standby mode, an additional power supply is needed and batteries as the sole energy source can only suffice for a short duration.

Military generators, which up to now were used for recharging the batteries, are very heavy and generate visible emissions, noise, detectable odours and heat while consuming considerable amount of Fuel. It is not easy to carry such DG sets with the vehicles in operations especially during cross country operations.

The EMILY fuel cell charges the on-board battery automatically, quietly and without being detected. It guarantees operation of the loads even when the engine is turned off and therefore, the camouflage remains intact.

EMILY 3000 is characterised by virtually signature-free, silent and emission-free operation, therefore making it the modern task forces' number one choice. Even when off boarded from a vehicle, it is suitable as a mobile field based charging station for batteries.

Integrated into tactical vehicles, BMPs, Tanks, Communication Vehicles etc. our Direct Methanol Fuel Cell based Solutions provide quiet, continuous and reliable power, fully automatically, without requiring any user intervention. The ruggedized fuel cell system provides power for mobile equipment like communication, night-vision and navigation systems and on-board devices regardless of weather and climate and is perfect for Silent Watch Missions, helping in Cold Start in extreme cold climates and as an Auxiliary Power source.

  • Benefits:
  • imageReliability and reduction of weight.
  • imageLong autonomy and extended mission retention time through fully automatic, efficient recharging of batteries without any emissions and without having to start the engine for recharging.
  • imageNon-detectable: The Emily cannot be detected beyond a distance of seven meters as they are acoustically non observable. They are nearly silent (39 dB(A) at 1 m distance). This ensures security of operations.